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Just against the false prophets who understand nothing about technology and cool ICT stuff

Hi everyone, all are the ONE when they just follow and master their passions. That’s why in Italy people that don’t understand the GEEK WORLD just say: << I don’t know, please let me go to my geek cousin to solve this problem >>.

In Italian they say: let me go to my “cuGGino smanettone”, just because in Italy there is a weird mindset born in 1977, his name is Arcangelo Corvaglia, but, be careful, it’s nothing about the great Saint Michael The Archangel, in 1977 is born the son of perdition, Arcangelo Corvaglia, from the perverted union between the devil’s advocate Luigi Corvaglia and Babilon666 (the great prostitute of the Apocalipse). Arcangelo Corvaglia is a stupid man perverted by his mother (Babilon666) and his father the devil’s advocate Luigi Corvaglia, part and mind of the second and first beast organizations). These stupid mafia people and killers have no respect for coders, entrepreneurs and geeks, they even have NO respect for people and, ABOVE ALL, for God.

They also used one programmer, based in Spain, and in the meantime one of them (a stupid butcher) bought a SEAT “Ibiza” car in order to ape tea drinkers and helping the devil’s advocate and the related beasts of the Apocalipse organizations in reaching their perverted goals, thinking they can corrupt even Spain by simply buying a car with a Spanish brand in order to corrupt the people around that Spanish coder (sic!). Now the facts are 100% CLEAR!

So, to reply to those beasts, the first beast (Bergoglio666 and related masonic organization) and the second beast (the devil’s advocate and the masonic organization around him and his babylon wife, the very original perverted and satanic prostitute), to reply to the son of perdition Arcangelo Corvaglia and his hedonistic, falsely clean egyptian mute puppet’s extension (Andrea Lagravinese the false lamb described in the Apocalipse), just let’s speak another smart language, The Japanese ONE, who linked us to this hilarious post.

Please Look: many of the prostitutes forced to prostitute themselves, out of cowardice of human beasts, will probably be saved, but the wife of the lawyer Luigi Corvaglia, symbolizing Rome (Babylon666) will not be saved, she will be overtaken by the repentant former prostitutes who have taken the right path for salvation.

And, the noble hilarity has contributed to the freedom from Rothschilds banksters and killers (they killed JFK too).

The very noble hilarity has contributed SO much just because a great YANKEE WOMAN, went in Italy (Sicily) to speak with Serious Judges, after a great man and judge, Doctor Falcone, was blown up (murdered) by the first and second beast organizations, murder directed by the Rothschild and that vile lawyer who bet on the false lamb of ’77 (the self-righteous extension of his stupid son, the son of perdition, to create a different narrative, against the Holy Bible, by putting Bergoglio666 (their fake pope) in the Temple of God, the Vatican, with the son of perdition, of 1977 and with the false lamb (its hedonistic extension of 1977 too) helping their satanic failed plans.

The number of the satanist cabal is in fact 770, understand? Police to the whole world has UNDERSTOOD! So, if you are in their organizations in some way, go outside the sh*t they have built from 1936 (Bergoglio666 year of birth) and in 1977 (the son of perdition year of birth) speak with Police, they will understand and will try to help and protect you from those beasts, we will pray for you and them too.

For more infos we found this website: WWW.bergoglioeretico.it

They have corrupted the whole world (from Rome, Babylon) with sodomites, perversion, immorality and other unspeakable things, out of lust for masonic and mafia powers, talking about subjects appreciated by monkeys (the mark of the beast created for sodomites), they only think foolish things, so the programmers are the RIGHT GEEKS to SWEEP THEM AWAY!

Now, just relax and read this funny article!

10 Hilarious Cartoons That Depict Real-Life Problems of Programmers

Yes, coders and writers improve the LIFE and the WORLD, in ALL senses….

The elastic Strategy WON! Do not unlock it…

Be happy entrepreneur and be happy great coders and geeks, have a very happy reading, you will understand that Italy is just the land of khakis, another blessed Christian fruit by Japan! Not by Rome (Babylon).

Japanese has a FAIR advantage, also in nutrition and healthy lifestyle, which is why they are the longest-lived in the world! That’s why Japanese CARs are like invincible tanks! We have more than 12 years of on-street’s proofs with Japanese CARs, tested by many drivers! The Fastest Ones! Chapeau Japanese People!

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